Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Southampton Boat Show 2011


I attended Southampton Boat Show at the weekend after finding a local coach trip organised by Woodrolfe Brokerage at Tollesbury Marina in Essex.

  • Attending MCA presentation on Safety Communications devices including best practice using: EPRIB, DSC VHF, AIS, Navtex, MOD Devices, Satellite Phones, and CG66 Registration

I was sadly disappointed in some retailers at the show, perhaps being my youthful appearance and not wearing an expensive suit. One retailer in particular a blue Kubota based marine engine manufacturer whose sales reps were complaining about a customer who wanted to install a engine himself and the low profit of a sale so they wanted him to go elsewhere to save on paperwork; as this is what I am planning on doing I gave them a wide berth and continued onwards

I strongly recommend CG66 Registration. It is a FREE service provided by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency which allows boat owners to register their vessel, including contact details and next of kin. 

MCA Presentation
The show was quite busy, though as I have never attended before can not compare it to previous years; Reports were that is was 9% down on last year. The food was quite expensive from the onsite vendors: £6 for a burger and £4 for a beer, I was very glad I took a pack lunch!

Beta 20 Engine

Yachting Monthly - Crash Test Boat

HMS Bulwark

Some of the boats on show

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stripping (Not me! The boat!)

Greetings web fans and those interest in the Snapdragon 27 Yacht.

I spent Sunday in the shed taking measurements and stripping of more deck items; rails, pushpits, pulpit, and some of the items in the locker.

I found a rather dangerous bodged bilge pump pipe. It had a Y splitter in it and one of the inputs had just been blocked with a rag held by a jubilee clip!!! Imagine if I was taking on  water and tried to empty the bilges with the incoming water just going in circles!

I also removed the existing side loading gas locker. The drain for the gas was not all downhill. The pipe had a slight loop in it as you can see in the photo which would hold gas! I am going to build a new gas locker to current regulations.

If you are following with interest regarding Antifoul stripping methods I have received a tin from International last week kindly donated by them to help with my studies. I hope to do the test in two weekends time when i have both the Saturday and Sunday free.

I'm trying to integrate this blog with my one on the main project site at so that I have to write the blog once and not have to cut and paste it between the two

Sat in the starboard locker unbolting the Pushpit
RATHER DANGEROUS! The bilge pump had a Y connection in it and this is how one hose had been filled!

Old Diesel Tank and Side loading gas locker.
Exhaust Output to Stern
Deck Stripping Underway